About us - first part

  • I have decided to write about why we gave in to the allure of Amazon and started trading in the American market.
  • Until last year, we led peaceful lives and made our livings in executive management positions. However, as the years advanced my body began to send me signals and to hint that it was necessary to take better care of it. I admittedly participated in my favourite sports such as tennis, golf and cycling, but for all that certain ailments began to trouble me. Some things could be resolved with the help of a physiotherapist or a doctor, but I suffered from elbow pain for a long time. In the end, the situation was improved by the use of tapes and an aid called a tennis elbow brace.
  • My elbow pain began to slowly recede and my condition improved. However, the problem was that the elbow brace was uncomfortable and it tended to slide along my arm during sport. In order to speed up the treatment, I also started using the brace for golf as a golf elbow brace. However, after a couple of holes I usually got sick of having to constantly straighten the brace, so I took it off and put it in my golf bag.

About us - second part

  • Then my brother-in-law had the idea that it must be possible to make a tennis elbow brace which works.
  • And so we had an idea to work with. We starting talking to people who used these braces and we asked about the most frequent faults. We asked a physiotherapist for his opinion and we also looked for a manufacturer who was capable of modifying the brace according to our instructions. Our first tennis elbow brace saw the light of day after about two months and we started testing it.
  • In the end, we decided on a final form which satisfied both us and the testers. And then we said to ourselves, if our Forbram Tennis Elbow Brace, Golf Elbow Brace, Tendonitis Elbow Brace, Elbow Pain Brace and Bowling Elbow Brace, as we had named it, was of use to our friends, why not give others the same opportunity. And Amazon was the best option for this.
  • We therefore hope that our elbow brace will serve you just as well as it has served us.